Counterfeit operations are becoming more sophisticated than ever, making it increasingly difficult for the average consumer to identify these products. In 2015, the global trade of counterfeit goods reached upwards of €330 billion*. UL’s Global Security and Brand Protection team works rigorously with various organizations to combat the distribution and sale of these unsafe goods.

Working with various global organizations, government bodies and police departments, our team of anti-counterfeiting experts works to keep the market safe. In the face of growing counterfeit operations, we remain committed to helping protect the global market through education, enforcement and partnership.

In early March, we had the opportunity to share our expertise with and listen to other anti-counterfeiting voices in Europe at a European Parliament briefing, “Consumers and Businesses at Risk: Counterfeit Electrical Products Across Europe.” By highlighting important statistics and discussing current operations, UL and the other contributors were able to discuss future work needed to help create a safer tomorrow.

Gitte Schjøtz, President International at UL, spoke about UL’s three pillar approach to anti-counterfeiting, highlighting education and training programs, enforcement and partnerships with Interpol and Europol.

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